You Determine Your Value! By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you allow others to determine your value? Do allow their fears to constrict you beliefs and actions? Or do allow yourself to completely trust in the Divine to bring you the desires of your heart?

I once spoke with a friend of mine about preachers and the courses of study they have to pursue. I was telling him about a friend who had his doctorate in religion and he went off. He said that anyone who does that is evil. The degree has no value whatsoever and that the only reason for someone to ‘make money’ at religion or spirituality is that they are evil.

Now, on the surface, and with some individuals, this might very well be true. However, I have a point of contention with a degree having ‘no value’. It takes the same

amount of commitment, study and overall learning to get a degree in religion as it has to get any other degree. It takes a special person to commit themselves to any course of study.

We all learn at varying rates and choose specific fields of study to practice a ‘specialization’. Whether someone goes to school or learns on their own, whether they have a ‘degree’ or not and whether their motives are genuine or not, they have still made the time to exit their comfort zone and learn more about life. It is what they ‘do’ with what they have learned is what is important; not whether they are making money at it or not.

If they provide a service of help to another, then

they are sharing the wealth of their experience. If they make money at it to support their lifestyle, then what’s wrong with that? We have been falsely educated into an erroneous concept that having wealth is bad. What is ‘bad’ are the results you experience in your life from listening to that erroneous belief.

God has blessed each and every one of us with talents, skills and abilities to be of service to one another. If you receive ANY bounty from it, be thankful! Being worthy to receive the blessings of God in your heart demonstrates your trust in the Divine. Denying that, reveals just how much you do trust. If you truly trusted in the Divine you would allow whatever bounty to befall you because it would be there by Divine order blessing you Divine purpose!

Stop listening to ‘holier than thou’ people who don’t have a clue how the omniverse works. Listen to your heart and know the Divine has abundance living within you every moment of your life. Know this and practice abundance. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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