Who’s The Pilot? By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you in charge of your life? Do you listen to the inner voice of Divine guidance or do you simply follow your ego’s whims and yearnings?

What we have resisted in the past is now occurring in the present. What we will resist today will be created tomorrow. What we have allowed in the past has opened up the connection within between our mind, body and spirit. What we allow in the present will move through us and be released into the oblivion of the omniverse.

Whatever it is in mind, body and spirit that we resist we are co-creating right now to be reflected back to us tomorrow. Conversely, whatever we allow to flow through us without any emotional attachment will be discharged into the omniverse

without any deleterious effects upon us.

Living in health, wealth, prosperity and abundance every day means that we are allowing our greater good to manifest without any negative emotional attachments as to how they will flow through us. Conversely, whatever we resist by maintaining an emotional attachment to becomes forefront in our co-creative virtual mechanism (omniversal relay).

The more we fight what we perceive is not beneficial to our growth and expansion the more it will appear to block our forward progress. The more we allow the Divine to guide our life’s journey we come to an understanding that we don’t have to know every move and how our Divine purpose in Divine order is unfolded.

Through Divine understanding we

develop a sense of inner peace and joy by choosing to traverse the perceived path in Divine love. Allow instead of resist. Accept instead of reject. If you truly are in touch with your inner spirit you will grow and expand into your Divine purpose by simply letting it be without trying to control any aspect of how it unfolds.

When you continually attempt to control, dominate and manipulate your environment you are NOT allowing the Divine to work ‘through’ you. You are allowing your ego to decide what is best for you. Your ego has a job to do; to protect you at all costs! When you listen to the guidance of the Spirit of God within you, you are allowing what you don’t see and understand to take precedent over what you ‘think’ and ‘feel’ is happening; which is ALWAYS skewed and limited.

Allow your ego to protect and balance that out with allowing the Spirit of God to guide you. Remember, God is not your co-pilot; God IS your pilot! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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