Unresolved Issues By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you struggle with figuring out ‘unresolved issues’? Are you constantly second guessing yourself based on what you believe is uncertain? Or are you certain about whom and what you are?

Why do we sometimes harbor unresolved issues? Why do we hold onto things we can’t ‘figure out’? Is it because we believe that in the future we will have more information available to figure out solutions to our problems? Or is it that our egos refuse to let go of our perceived problems because they ‘have’ to figure out the solutions to them in order to justify their own perceived existences?

As human beings we have an innate desire to resolve perceived situations and circumstances. We strive to find meaning in things in order to understand ourselves and our motivations. It

is a relentless pursuit of finding oneself in the reflections of life instead of knowing oneself from our inner projections. We are responsible for what we think repeatedly because repeated thoughts become accepted beliefs that determine our future reactions to perceptions of the reflections in our environments.

If we believe we must ‘figure out’ each and every event, occurrence, situation, circumstance and behavior of others, then we are relying on our egos to guide our thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors. It is when we simply ‘let go’ of the compelling drive to ‘figure out’ what we believe are ‘unresolved issues” is when we start the process of living in Divine trust.

Divine trust is allowing the Divine to unfold our Divine purpose in Divine order without the ‘guidance’ and ‘yearnings’ of the ego. It is moving forward

without the perception of a net below and a guy wire above. It is living in the ability to fly and not walk to fulfillment.

When we ‘resolve’ to live without resolving what we haven’t yet figured out is when we are living in Divine trust. It is ours to live in faith and trust in Divine guidance more than it is to live in fear and follow selfish, self-centered yearnings for the recognition and acceptance by others. Being too involved in what others perceive and believe about you removes your focus from what is truly important; being whom and what you were created to be. You are NOT what others perceive and believe you are. You are what you KNOW you are in your inner heart.

When we stop looking outside of ourselves for the ‘perceived resolutions’ to our problems, we begin the inner journey to ‘knowing’ what to do instead of ‘believing’ what we ‘need’ to do. It is a choice of who is in command; our egos or God. Make the right choice. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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