The United States Of Amerego By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Is the United States of America more concerned about its own welfare than that of the rest of the world? Is the focus of the USA more on conquest than on integration?

“We the people” actually means ‘we’, NOT ‘me’! In a previous treatise I stated the following: “Now, in their time (the Constitutional forefathers), ‘We the People’ meant: ‘We the White Male Land owners who own human beings as slaves and who regard women as chattel and the natives as heathens’.” The fact is that this country was established with an ‘understanding’ of a permanent under culture of women, African-Americans and Native Americans. The attitude, fostered by some ‘religious’ piety, was that white male landowners were ‘better’ than the rest of civilization because of their successful ‘conquests’ in obtaining the land

in this country. Again, the real permanent undercurrent in the human condition is the pre-programmed thought pattern of ‘fighting’ and ‘overcoming’, and that in doing so you are justified in enjoying the spoils of conquest.

Now, isn’t that borne of the ego? In essence, this was the forging of the ‘Amerego’ that so many yearn now to again embrace. Don’t be fooled by their ‘loyalty’ to the forefathers! What they are fostering is HATE based on the demands of their twisted egos. Women, African-Americans, Native Americans and ALL other immigrants from all over the world come to this country for the ‘opportunity’ to grow and expand and INTEGRATE! We have started as separatists and now have learned more and more over our 200 year history to become ‘integrators’ and work together. The food and clothing that were enjoyed early in our history by the white male landowners were off of the backs and sweat of many African-Americans. The cross-continental railroads that we used to expand our nation were off of the backs and sweat of Chinese-Americans. The food and clothing we now enjoy are off of the backs and sweat of

Mexican-Americans. All of these immigrants worked hard to get ahead and should be given the respect that is due them for their dedication and commitment to becoming better; better than what they could become if they remained in their homeland. Their immigrant spirit is what makes this country great.

They are not different than any one of us; they ARE us! Radical Right Wing and Left Wing groups continually try to ‘separate’ us and claim their own right to the ‘Amerego’, when in fact, we are more ‘middle-of-the-road’ than anything else. And why is this? Because many immigrants have had to go through so much to even get to this country that they only want to ‘participate’ in its growth and expansion. The antithesis of the ‘Amerego’ is the purity and promise of the ‘Immigrant Spirit’. The desire to make a better life and participate with ALL cultures in bringing about peace and harmony into an integrated society based on peace and advancement. Sounds like the Kingdom of God to me! Dismiss the ‘Amerego’ and make this country the ‘United States of Amerigants’; a place where equality and equal opportunity sets the tone for peace on Earth. We can do it when we follow the knowing of spirit and dismiss the beliefs of humankind. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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