Traversing The Gauntlet By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you moving through life with hesitation because of fear? Or are you developing an inner vision that guides you to complete and utter fulfillment?

Traversing the gauntlet of harrowing experiences brings your tunnel vision to a new focus. It forces you to see beyond your comfort zone and your walls of mediocrity. It stretches your perspective to the point where you realize that your dedication to altruism is NOT universal.

When your focus is only on you, your tunnel vision validates itself by constricting your inner vision from ‘seeing’ the opportunities that are ever-present, but not recognizable due to your emotional state. Experiences that ‘appear’ as harrowing are there for your growth and expansion. They teach you that your emotional assumptions that others are seeking

what is good for all is NOT what some others think and feel.

The existence of humankind is varied and some focus more on ‘me’ than ‘we’. Instead of seeking the truth, hammering out justice and living in equanimity, the ‘me’ seekers reveal their inherent selfishness with every word, action and behavior they demonstrate. Only a fine tuned observer can see through their smoke screen generated to give the ‘appearance’ of being ‘we’ centered.

How do see this? If their words, actions and behaviors foster separation and enmity, they are ultimately out for themselves. Dodge the metaphorical bullets fired by selfish and evil people by trusting in the Divine completely. Whether direct attacks or ricochets, your ultimate safety will be ensured when you live in Oneness and unity with all of


It is not your job or duty to understand what others are thinking or feeling. That is THEIR experience concerning their observations, perceptions and beliefs about reality. Your job is to focus on what unfolds in your life and to proact from that instead of react to that. Choosing to go within and know what is happening is an active choice whereas ‘resisting’ and ‘fighting’ in the perceived chaos is a passive choice and ultimately following the path of ‘what appears to be’ the least resistance.

It takes work to ignore what appears to be true in favor of what you know within is true. It requires vision and focus more than simple observation, perceptions and belief system constructs. It requires you to let go of what you believe in favor of what you know within.

See beyond your perceived circumstances and know that the Divine is there moving Divine order to fulfill your Divine purpose. Trusting that the best for all concerned will come about is being ‘we’ centered. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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