Is There Life After Death? By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you believe in life after death? Do you believe that somehow we go one and live in the spirit? Or do you believe that we come back as someone or something else based on what we did in this life?

This has been a topic of discussion since humans developed the awareness of our place in the omniverse. There are several different schools of thought about what happens to us when we die. Do our bodies simply expire and the vessels of our ‘consciousness’ no longer manifest ‘who’ we are? Do we leave our bodies and go to a peaceful place known as heaven? Are we truly just energy and we ‘refold’ into the omniverse as energy? Do we lie in stasis until a time when we are called home? Or are we doomed to wander the earth as ‘spirits’

if we haven’t spread love to all living beings?

There many ‘theories’ of what happens, when in fact they are not ‘theories’; they are more conjectures based on what someone believes will happen. And what of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences)? Do we ‘see’ a light at the end of a tunnel and move toward it because we feel its state of peace and bliss? Whatever truly happens upon the death of our physical bodies is mostly conjecture because no one we directly know has ever come back to tell us what actually happens. We ‘surmise’ what happens because we ‘want’ to believe that there is an afterlife. Some of us live with the ‘hope’ of eternal life and the ‘rewards’ we will get in heaven. But what did we do when we were living? Did we stop and help that homeless person? Did we give our time, energy and money to the poor and less advantaged? Or did we only care about what we felt was important to us and the hell with everyone else? Scientific research has shown the electrical stimulation of the human brain can result in NDE’s and OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences).

Since every thought in our minds are a result of electro-chemical interactions, do we simply ‘perceive’ that there is life after death because we need to know this to give life purpose for us? Does the realization that we are a concatenation of cells that breathe, eat, discharge waste and then cease to function ‘scare’ us into believing that there MUST be something more? Or do we come to a deeper realization that we are more than our perceived physical bodies? There are four major schools of thought regarding this subject:

  1. Our physical existence is all there is. When we die everything that we were is gone forever and we no longer exist. Period!
  2. Our ‘God’ is anthropomorphic and will intercede upon our death or at an unknown prescribed time and return us home to a ‘heaven’ that exists ‘somewhere’ else.
  3. Our ‘God’ is a spirit that exists within all of creation and that when we die we ‘refold’ into that spirit and live eternally as an alternate form of energy or choose to reincarnate into another living being.
  4. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience in our bodies that create an
    individual ‘soul’; and when our physical bodies die our spirits continue on without our bodies having realized the experience of Divine love in all manifestations.

Whatever conjecture you choose to embrace it is because you ‘believe’ it because it ‘comforts’ you. It gives you a sense of peace from which you can justify the occurrence of death. All of us will physically die someday and we all hope it isn’t today! However, some who live with ongoing physical or emotional pain look forward to death. It is their ‘hope’ for something better than what they have experienced in this life. But what if this ‘hope’ is unwarranted? What if this belief is erroneous? What if life is meant to be enjoyed and valued ‘through’ the perceived pain? Then what; will the person who embraced death as an answer to remove their perceived pain be justified? These are questions we will never know until we die and will we even be able to perceive the answers to these questions when we do in fact die? Have you ever spoken directly with someone who has died and they have given you the answers or have you simply ‘surmised’ what happens from your ‘perceived’ suppositions guided by feelings of desiring resolve?

We might not ever truly know what happens after our bodies die until we actually die. Why should we be so preoccupied with death when there are so many of us struggling to survive? Shouldn’t we be focusing on the living surviving and thriving? Isn’t that a better way to be channeling and focusing our energies? Whichever way we choose to look at things there is one thing for sure; our bodies ‘as we know them’ will not get out of this physical experience alive. They will die and decompose into the simpler elements from which they were comprised and recycle into future lives as the ‘star stuff’ from which they were originally created. Our bodies, in essence, are eternal and our ‘spirits’ are as well. Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it simply changes form and continues the cycle from being more dense (matter) to becoming less dense (energy) and back. In this sense, nothing ever dies; it just simply changes form. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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  • spark187  29-12-2014

    Of course there is life after death. I'm gret believer in reincarnation, so I believe we live more than one mortal life, but not always on Earth. There are other relms and dimensions and the soul never dies. It is just sent somewhere else.

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  • think  28-12-2014

    I Agree and appreciate

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