Ruled By The Ego By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you follow what you believe without knowing whether or not your beliefs are accurate or erroneous? Do you look out only for ‘number one’ and not for others? If so, you are ruled by your ego more than the Spirit of God!

Manipulating the flow of factual information for one’s own benefit is selfishness, self-aggrandizement and sheer ego. It stems from the internal conclusions and subsequent beliefs that they are better than everybody else and that they are ‘entitled’ to be treated differently; in a favorable and ‘special’ manner. This is implied ‘favoritism’ fostered by the yearning for separation; in order to differentiate between them being ‘special’ and someone else ‘not’ being special.

Ego will lie, cheat and steal to protect itself from harm. It is NEVER in the wrong and will always blame others for its mistakes. It is a necessary part

of whom and what we all are, but it needs to be ‘balanced’ by the Spirit of God within each and every one of us. Without that balance it will run rampant to feel ‘special’, ‘privileged’ and ‘entitled’.

The truth is that we are ALL equal because we have the Spirit of God within us. It is our egos that decide and yearn for ‘special’ treatment; it is the Spirit of God that teaches us the equality and unity in all of life when we frequently ‘listen’ to its guidance. By allowing our emotional ‘impulses’ and ‘yearnings’ to steer our course we are NOT balancing them with guidance from the Spirit of God within!

Ensuring the free flow of information for everyone IS operating from the spirit more than the ego. Be honest, be truthful and NEVER give false witness. If you ever bear false witness, it is obvious just ‘who’

is in control. Bearing false witness identifies that the ego is fearful of the outcome of a situation as NOT being favorable to itself. It is ‘rearranging’ the ‘perceptions of others in order to justify what it ‘wants’ others to ‘perceive’. This is control, domination and manipulation at its peak!

It is natural for our egos to try to protect us from harm. After all, it is a construct of our survival mechanism rooted in our reptilian brains. Thoughts are nothing more than electro-chemical interactions in our brains that are ‘copies’ of reality and NOT reality itself. These copies are filtered through our belief systems in order for us to be kept from possible harm. If we hold on to erroneous beliefs over accurate ones, we can make decisions that are beneficial only to us and also be detrimental to others.

Stop trying to protect yourself from ‘perceived’ inconvenience and harm; allow life to be and contribute to it by ensuring that everyone live in complete equality and unity with the Spirit of God. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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