Relayers Of Evil? By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you a person who perpetuates evil or are you someone who speaks of love? If you continually focus on what appears to be bad are you inherently evil?

In 1961, a scientist, Stanley Milgram (a Yale University psychologist), administered a series of psychological tests by ‘randomly’ selecting a teacher and a learner. If the learner had wrong answers to the test, the teacher would increasingly administer electrical shocks in 15 volt increments being able to hear the learner’s response. When the teacher heard the pain and the request to stop, most people objected to go on until an official looking ‘doctor’ type said it would be OK. The turning point was at 150 volts.

When the doctor said it was OK, even though the teacher knew that the learner

had a minor heart condition, the teacher administered the ‘punishment’ for the wrong answer at 165 volts. Would any of you go beyond after hearing the screams of the learner to stop? Would you go on because the doctor said it was OK? Or would you refuse to administer pain to another human being? Over 65% continued ‘after’ the doctor said it was OK. When the test was conducted again last year over 77% continued to administer shocks despite the pain of the learner. That’s over 50 years later with many receiving ‘sensitivity’ training in schools, psychiatric and religious institutions.

Let’s switch to Bill O’Reilly. When informed that the punishment administered to ‘drug users’ has over populated our prison population by 800%, and that the prisoners were predominantly black, he responded with “these people are thugs and should be in prison” [paraphrased]. What is our individual capacity for evil? Why is it that we can so respect an authority figure that we will listen to what they say and ignore the obvious pain of others? Why do we listen to those who are so obviously ‘evil’ and justify their behavior with stereotyping and pure assumption? Is it because we don’t know their true behavior? Or is it that we do and we ignore it because they are authority figures? Is it their behavior that is evil or ours for NOT standing up to it? If we go along with evil are we

complicit in what it yields? Or are we ‘just’ following what it says because it represents an authority figure to us?

Whatever it may be we have the duty to say NO to aberrance; no matter WHO says it’s OK. Do you wonder why there is so much evil in this world? Is it because of ‘Satan’ or the ego? Or is it simply because we listen to those who tell us things are OK and things are not OK? We can all minimize and stop evil when we STOP glorifying it. STOP elevating violence and hatred and START revering peace and love. We need to teach our children that what we experience in our lives are there for a reason; to teach us that we need to participate in our experiences by sharing Divine love and helping others.

Are we ‘relayers’ of evil or are we ‘purveyors’ of love? It is our choice based on our individual moral compass to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to aberrance. Don’t jump on the bandwagon of an authority figure. The recent replication of the experiment revealed that when one individual stood up and said “No!”, that other ‘teachers’ would not continue the experiment. This clearly demonstrates that one person who KNOWS the truth can influence others to recognize it.

Stand up for the truth and stop allowing ignoramuses from ‘lying’ to simple-minded people who cannot and will not discern the truth on their own. Be that individual who says ‘no’ to aberrance. Sharing Divine love means to think and feel the truth, speak the truth and live the truth. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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