The Real Deal By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you the real deal? Or are you simply acting out what you want others to believe about you? Are you so caught up in form that you ignore the substance?

What does it mean to be the ‘real deal’? The real deal is “the real thing, not a substitute or imitation [].” Are you the real deal? Do you make the time to learn all the aspects and viewpoints about a particular subject or are you content with just learning what you need to sound well rounded? Do you learn the ‘buzz words’ to impress your friends or followers in order to convince them of your ‘superior intellect’ or do you ‘act’ humble in order to gain allies?

A true philosopher spends years studying nature, others viewpoints and immerses themselves in

the causes of the effects by realizing the congruities and consistencies of the external world with the intent and direction of the internal world. A ‘philosopher’ is “a person who offers views or theories on profound questions in ethics, metaphysics, logic, and other related fields [].” There is another type of person who takes minimal information on a particular subject by familiarizing themselves with the jargon and concepts and engages others with the ‘possible’ results of particular theories as if they are an expert on the subject.

A ‘philosophaster’ is “a person who has only a superficial knowledge of philosophy or who feigns a ‘knowledge’ he or she does not possess [].” Are you a true philosopher or a philosophaster? Have you settled for the opinions of others without doing the legwork necessary to ‘experience’ what it takes to arrive at ‘informed’ opinions? Do you blindly accept what others say is real or do you make the time to experience your own reality?

The truth comes out when you seek it within. When you bypass other peoples’ ‘religious’ experiences and move toward your own ‘spiritual’ experiences you forge a path to the

truth that most others have never traversed. You live from honesty and not by appearance. You genuinely move toward that which grows and expands life instead of moving away from it and moving toward that which takes away from life. Form without substance is shallow at best! It might have the veneer of the truth but it is only for show. It is there to gain acknowledgement for its own self-serving needs. Attention becomes a substitute for love with the philosophaster while the philosopher digs deeper into love to understand why it exists and to what purpose must it unfold in their lives.

Want to be the real deal? Stop engaging in arguments with philosophasters over things they have no understanding about because they have summarily skimmed the surface of what is truly meaningful. Go within each and every day and stop skating on the surface of reality. See the deeper layers of ice in the pond that support the surface layers. In seeking your inner peace you come to the understanding that by living in joy no matter what happens brings you into the flow of Divine love. Be the perfect creation that you already are and stop doubting who you are, worrying about what can happen and fearing how things will unfold. Trust in the Divine completely and be the beautiful point of light that you are! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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