Nickel And Diming By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you a nitpicker? Do you have to micro manage everything in order to ensure that it is done right by your standards? Or are you a person who instills confidence and respect in others for doing business with you?

One day this past year I had a whopper of a day. I had to fire two clients. One of them kept sending text after text telling me I had an ego problem. At every turn he was questioning what I was doing. Telling me how to do it; always trying to get one over on me.

It reminded me of the old Blondie cartoon where Dagwood is arguing over the bill with the contractor. He said, “The bill is $3000; you said it was only going to be $2000! The contractor responded, “That’s before I knew you were going to


I sent him a message telling him I know longer wanted to do business with someone who always tries to nickel and dime me to death over EVERYTHING. This 40 year old man texted me saying, "I’m gonna teach you about business." I laughed and texted back, "I was in business before you were a twinkle in your father's eye."

It's amazing just how big his ego is; probably because he is 5'2" and has a little big man complex. He works out every day and buffs himself up to compensate for his lack of physical stature. What a waste. With his knowledge he could be helping people and the only thing he does is over-validate his ego. When people don’t value your expertise because their egos think that they know everything, it is time to vacate.

The second client begged me to fix his sister’s computer and never showed up when he said

he would. Earlier, I told him not to mess around and be there on time to pick it up. I spent my day fixing his sister’s computer and he didn’t have the decency to call at the time he was supposed to. He texted me that his wife spent the money at the store and that he couldn’t pay me. I called another client and sold the computer to them to cover the costs.

I don’t want to be so hard lined to anyone; however, when people don’t respect you enough to at least call and make other arrangements or try to whittle you down at every turn, no one needs those kinds of egomaniacs in their lives. Be nice, be kind and be firm. Homey don’t play. I am tired of these types of people and will no longer be in their service.

My peace is more important than their egotistical yearnings. I wish them both the best and I feel more at peace now than I ever did working with them. God bless those who respect others; they understand that the Spirit of God within and share that over all else. Peace. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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