Multi-level Addictions By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you addicted physically to something? Do you feel that you must ingest things to make you feel happy? Are you more addicted emotionally to things than you are spiritually?

The conclusions drawn from some of the latest nutritional science research shows that 45 calories of the 50 calories your body burns just breathing and sitting is consumed by your brain. The brain demands glucose as the fuel it burns for normal ‘awake’ non-ambulation. If the brain doesn’t get this fuel it begins to break down muscle tissue and convert it into glucose so that it can ‘maintain’ its awakened state.

Most hunger that we experience is ‘false’ hunger that is created by food addictions. Addictions to foods we ‘believe’ we need even though we don’t need them. The problem is

in the ‘belief’ that we need these foods and not the fact that we actually need nutrition. When we remove the addiction to foods that harm us we begin to experience ‘true’ hunger. True hunger is when we ‘listen’ to what our bodies need for nutrition.

But how can we listen when we keep ingesting nutritional chaos? And what about the parallel of our spiritual hunger? Are we satisfying our need to know the Divine for the right reasons? Are we longing for a connection to something we believe in or in something that we know? Our spiritual awareness always comes at a price; just like our nutritional awareness is revealed by our current state of physical health and well-being.

Our current state of spirituality is revealed by how we handle and deal with ‘stresses in our lives. Do we go within to release the normal stressed imposed from daily living? Or do we expel and react to the stress by polluting our environments with negativity and frustration? Being spiritually centered means that we keep our peace amid chaos. It means that no matter what happens we don’t allow (not resist) what is happening to affect our peace, understanding, joy and experiencing Divine love.

In regard to resistance, Yeshua clearly said not to resist: “But I am saying to you, you shall not rise up against an evil person, but whoever strikes you on your right cheek, turn to him also the other” ~Yeshua (Matthew 5:39 - Aramaic Bible in Plain English). But what about James 4:7 where it says to ‘resist the devil’? (“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (King James Bible)). In the actual translation it does NOT say to resist. It says to ‘bravely stand against’ any perception

of evil (Satan). The actual translation:”Submit therefore to God and stand against Satan, and he will flee from you” (Aramaic Bible in Plain English). What does that mean? By allowing God to guide your life you learn to ‘bravely stand against’ evil. If you notice, you don’t have to remove evil at all. It will FLEE from you.

Why? Because when you are in alignment with your Divine purpose in Divine order and sharing Divine love according to Divine will there is NO room for evil to flourish. As you balance your physical body with nutritional foods your senses become heightened. Why? Because you are tuning into the mechanisms of physical health and well-being. The same occurs with your spiritual awareness when you ‘dip in the well’ of Divine consciousness everyday in deep meditation. Your inner sense of well-being is heightened when you make a daily habit of experiencing peace amid chaos. It is in your ‘choice’ to experience that which ‘edifies’ you that focuses your attention on what is good for you.

A successful concert pianist, violinist or conductor does not arrive at the compositional awareness that influences many people with beautiful music unless they consistently practice their instruments and compose EVERYDAY!!! It is the same with daily meditation. You must practice it every day to completely reap the benefits of experiencing peace amid chaos. Your spiritual awareness and health is paralleled by how you experience physical health and well-being. As above, so below.

Are you making the choices for your physical health based on food addictions that are actually ‘resisting’ your physical health? Are you making choices for your spiritual health based on ‘belief’ addictions that are actually ‘resisting’ your spiritual health? Discharge your erroneous beliefs and addictions that do not serve you. Embrace Divine love each and every day to maintain peace amid chaos. It is your choice and only YOU can make it! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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