As Long As We… By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

As long as we follow our beliefs we will never come to know the truth. Why? Because the real truth is beyond belief!

As long as we be, say or do…

As long as we behave in such a way as to undermine our best interests, we will never feel the inner joy of living in whom and what we truly are.

As long as we live mostly from our heads and less from our hearts, we will continue to be flabbergasted when things don’t turn out the way we think they should.

Expectations of peace, understanding and joy always come to favorable fruition when you expect the power of Divine love to create the best for all.

As long as we balance what we receive with

what we give, we will be in alignment with the flow of Divine order manifesting what is beneficial for all.

As long as we live our Divine purpose to the fullest, we are being truthful, forthright and validating to that which has given us in grace, Divine love.

As long as we say no to that which ‘demands’ us to say yes, we are allowing the spirit to guide our journey even though we have no clue where we are, where we are going and how we will get there.

As long as we say yes to that which ‘guides’ us to say no, we are allowing the ego to guide our journey thinking we have a clue as to where we are, where we are

going and how we will get there.

As long as we judge people instead of their behaviors, we will be caught up in that which distracts us from being that which we truly are; Divine love!

As long as we hold back that which moves us forward, we are not allowing what is natural to unfold because we are deceiving ourselves with a chance for a miracle to occur.

As long as we listen to that which diminishes our spirit, we will be on a road to self-deception that we alone are steering and driving to a destination of non-fulfillment.

As long as we love that which we feel that we hate, we will be letting go of the feeling that all is not right and replacing it with that which culminates and doesn’t divide; Divine love.

As long as we hold grudges against others, we will not be free from the shackles of the ego that constrain us from sharing our spirit through Divine love. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

Article Written By SpiritualityGuide

Dean created the Spirituality Guidance Internet TV Channel to provide access to current Spiritual leaders online. He released his third book in 2011 entitled “Spiritual Growth: Articles Of Expectation”. Dean produces multimedia marketing and advertising campaigns, audio and video productions and is the webmaster for his company,

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