Knowing What People Want By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you truly know what people want? Or do you only know what other people tell you that others want? What is their agenda in convincing you about what others want?

Every day we hear from the minority of representatives in our Congress about de-funding the ACA as being “what the American people want.” What American people? Who are these people who would blatantly turn down mandated access to health care based on no consideration of pre-existing conditions? Who in their right mind would say no to what could save their lives? Well, it’s all about who has ‘skin in the game’ (attributed to Warren Buffett). What does this mean? It means that you have an interest in the outcome of the game because you have invested something of your own

into it. What have our representatives ‘invested’ in the game of the outcome of the ACA? Absolutely nothing because they HAVE affordable government healthcare for LIFE!!! The only ‘investment’ that they have made is in allowing corporations cutting their checks and investing in buying their votes. They fear monger and lie to the public in order to manifest the agendas of the corporate puppet masters so that THEY CAN CONTINUE TO MAKE HUGE PROFITS off of our collective infirmities.

The veil of corporate agendas is prevalent because our society glorifies the ego yearnings for capital gains and the acquisition of power and ‘things’ that we ‘believe’ will make us ‘happy’. This is the Grand Illusion and as long as the majority of people believe this illusion, the unscrupulous corporate agendas will be funded to their own ends. Perhaps when the IRS Code is changed to follow the LAW made by Congress in 1959 that states that 501c4’s have to ‘exclusively’ contribute to ‘social welfare’ and not ‘primarily’, will we be back on track. As the contributors to 501c4’s did NOT have to reveal their identities, the floodgates were opened by the Citizens United allowance by the SCOTUS for outside monies to influence our elections.

Whereas, the IRS Code 527 Title 26 clearly states that all contributors MUST be revealed. Closing this loophole will be like ‘defunding’ outside influences from controlling our elections. Some representatives cry that we should defund the ACA, and that is tantamount to treason. It IS the law of the land; voted BY the majority and made into LAW. Defunding the LAW is violating it and these representatives should be taken to task for treason.

Some people say that all of this is too confusing and that there is nothing we can do about it anyway. Well, please say that for yourself in your sinking dingy while you are watching the water come in through the bottom of your boat. As for the rest of us, the MAJORITY, we will support the ACA and finally allow those who could not have equal access to healthcare to embrace hope and change. Don’t listen to the nay-sayers who base their position on what ‘the American people say’, which in fact means, ‘what corporate America says’. Discern the truth and don’t be fooled by those who have boatloads of money and power to influence those ‘less discerning’ than you. Defund the corporate powers that influence the people who vote in this country and NOT the ACA. The former is what makes us free and the latter is what denies our freedom. You choose; but make sure you choose based on the facts and NOT the corporate SPIN of the facts. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel

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