Knowing The Truth By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you know the truth? Or do you believe what someone else tells you is the truth? Learning to differentiate between what you believe is the truth and what you know is the truth is paramount to your growth and expansion.

How can you know the truth? How can you see beyond your senses and know the truth? How can you listen to it and deal with what it brings if you allow your pre-conceived notions, erroneous beliefs, selfish reactions and attitudes to occupy your presence? It’s actually quite simple.

Faith is what leads you to Divine trust and sharing Divine love is what aligns you with Divine order. Know the presence of the Spirit of God within and rely on its guidance. The Divine IS the best friend you have and when you allow yourself to get out of your own

way Divine order moves natural order to create harmony in your life. It’s actually that simple.

If this is true, then why doesn’t everyone do this? If you do not know the Divine within then you will rely on your beliefs to sustain you. If you share Divine love with all you will feel the presence of Divine love in your heart. Most people look for the Divine outside of them and share with others according to their beliefs and not according to what they’ve been guided to do.

Regular, consistent and daily communication with the Divine is what it takes to finely tune your human instrument. If the Divine appears to be far away from you, it's simply because you are looking in

the wrong direction; you need to open the door inwards toward the Divine. Look within for what you know and stop living by what you believe.

Pray for Divine guidance by allowing things to be as they are and not attaching any emotional constrictions to them. Speak to God with a voice of allowance and understand that you Divine purpose has been given to you to unfold it in Divine order.

Living in your Divine purpose is always there; you just have to align yourself with Divine order each and every day in deep meditation to experience that which is your center; Divine love everlasting! Listen to your inner well-being speaking to you in the divine voice of silence. In the presence of divine stillness you transcend beyond the din of chaos.

Go into the world and serve the Divine by sharing Divine love with everyone you meet. Be a conduit of that which, supports, sustains and fulfills everyone. Sharing Diving love is all you need to do by using your talents, skills and abilities to bless others. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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