Jesus Was Not A Christian! By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you know that Jesus was NOT a Christian? Do you even care? Or are you content in parroting what some delusional preacher has told you is the truth?

The worst kind of Christian is one who thinks that Jesus was a Christian. They base their entire beliefs on receiving salvation from a man who repeatedly pointed to the Spirit of God within all of us. They blindly swallow what some preacher tells them every Sunday while reading a book that has been passed down by word of mouth for centuries, translated into four initial languages, honed down by a murderer and priests with an agenda and proclaimed as being the ‘holy’ word of God without ANY basis for that claim whatsoever.

They elevate their ‘awareness’ of what the Bible

reveals to them as the complete and utter truth while NEVER questioning its veracity and validity. Why? Because most of them have been indoctrinated from youth with biblical verses, art and music that reinforced their beliefs along with their Bible beating preachers. They blindly accept what they are told because it keeps them in their comfort zone and reinforces all of the Christian Programming Software that has been repeatedly installed every Sunday for the duration of their lives. They don’t, and won’t, understand other peoples’ beliefs because they are afraid that they will change their comfort zone.

They believe that emptying yourself of beliefs allows the Adversary, Satan, to enter their beings and take control. They live by this fear and find every reason to replicate it because they want to be accepted by others in their church communities. Instead of allowing Divine love to rule their lives they choose and resist anything that they ‘perceive’ as evil.

Whatever age you were when you experienced emotional trauma is where you become stuck emotionally. If you assimilated the ‘Christian’ message early on in life and ‘gave’ your life to Jesus, this is the age where you will continually try to relive in order to feel good about yourself.

These ‘conscious’ Christians, as I call them, don’t care that Jesus was NOT the name of the man we have read about; they refute that his name was Yeshua. They go to church every Sunday when the original Sabbath was Saturday; they don’t even know that the Catholic Church changed the Sabbath to get more pagans into the church (the Pagan worship day was Sunday). They refute that Emperor Constantine and his priests selected the books of the Bible that allowed them to become the middlemen between God and humankind; and tossed out the Gnostic Gospels that spoke the truth that the Spirit of God is within.

They react violently with verbal slurs and dribble when they are told that the Trinity was ‘made up’ by a murderer and his priests to diffuse the ‘image’ of God into concepts that only the priests could understand. They put down meditation as being a gateway for Satan to enter your being because it is the state where you realize that everything they are saying is total bull.

The modern day Christian religion is all about control, domination and manipulation of the masses into believing a ‘concept’ that God is an old man on a throne in the sky that ‘hates’ and dispenses ‘punishment’ for bad behavior.

The modern day Christians never seem to preach the truth that Christ imparted when he said, “Go and sin no more.” They preach fear, sin and separation, NOT from what is in the Bible but from what some man SAID the Bible said. The more they beat the Bible, the more they move away from the Divine love of the Spirit of God. The more they preach salvation, judgment and redemption, the more they separate themselves from Divine love. The more they tell you how to live, is the more they abuse themselves and us.

It took me years of study, hard work and Sunday trips to learn the truth yet some will ‘off-the-cuff’ dismiss my experience in reading the ‘Word’ in the original languages and learning that what was said there is NOT the same as what Reverend Do-good preaches on Sunday. They revel in their ignorance, choose not to learn history and the truth and yet have all of the answers for life by saying a simple prayer asking Jesus to come into their life. If they would only realize that Christ is within them right now and that the Spirit of God is blessing them this very moment.

Human beings are social animals that must share what they feel is their good fortune with others, not respective of whether or not the person they are sharing with actually wants their take on life. We learn as we grow and expand to respect other human beings and what they have experienced. We learn to live in Divine love by opening our hearts to the truth of the Spirit of God within and completely trusting in the Divine to guide our lives into complete fulfillment. No SIN, no separation and no egos controlling, dominating and manipulating our thoughts, beliefs, words, actions and behaviors; just complete and utter trust in the Divine.

The next time a Christian hands you a Bible tract, tells you that you NEED to be saved and that you MUST read the Bible say, “No thank you. However, I suggest that you go save yourself from yourself before you try to help someone else get saved!” ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

Article Written By SpiritualityGuide

Dean created the Spirituality Guidance Internet TV Channel to provide access to current Spiritual leaders online. He released his third book in 2011 entitled “Spiritual Growth: Articles Of Expectation”. Dean produces multimedia marketing and advertising campaigns, audio and video productions and is the webmaster for his company,

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