It’s Not All About You! By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you think that the world is your stage and that others serve your every whim? Or do you go within and come to know that we are all in this together?

Are you listening to the reactive and driving loud voice in your head pushing you to take immediate action against something or the still small voice whispering proactive steps to be patient and understand exactly what is happening?

If you choose the former voice, you will surely end up dealing with more than you can handle because it keeps you in the ‘fighting’ and ‘resistive’ modes. If you choose the latter voice, you will gain an unlimited perspective in how to act that is beneficial to all concerned and it will keep you in peaceful and allowing modes.

The choices couldn’t be

more obvious yet many choose the former because they ‘feel’ it is their only choice. It isn’t. It is the only choice your ego can take to validate its own existence and take you down with it because it cannot see beyond itself.

The ego is in charge of your self-survival. It will do anything it can to protect you from harm; including, but not limited to, blaming events, occurrences, situations, circumstances and the behavior of others. It will NEVER look to itself for causing its experience except when it benefits itself and garners the admiration of others. It is selfish, underhanded and ruthless in protecting what it ‘believes’ it must protect.

As much as it can be negative, it can be positive as well. It can make choices that move you forward in expanding your circles of influence but

you can rest assured it will take the credit for it. It lives to see itself win and be successful in competition with others and it doesn’t care how it wins; as long as it wins. The only thing that can temper the control, domination and manipulation of the ego is regular and consistent communication with the Divine through prayer, meditation and service.

When the ego gets out of its own way blessings will rain down on you. You will begin to see just what you need to do to unfold your Divine purpose in Divine order. You will come to understand that it’s not all about you; it’s about every one!

Develop your Divine sense and see beyond where you are and into where you will be by trusting in the Divine completely. Picture and focus on the end result of being perfect as the Divine within you is perfect and ‘feel’ the joy of experiencing this forever more.

THAT is being proactive and completely trusting in the Divine! Anything else is the ego playing games with you to remain in control. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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Dean created the Spirituality Guidance Internet TV Channel to provide access to current Spiritual leaders online. He released his third book in 2011 entitled “Spiritual Growth: Articles Of Expectation”. Dean produces multimedia marketing and advertising campaigns, audio and video productions and is the webmaster for his company,

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  • raheelzia  03-12-2014

    The relationship of the body with the soul is too strange and most of the time these two elements go against each other. Just remember Marlowe's Dr. Faustus, who presents the ultimate reality where you inner soul tries to motivate you towards the good but on the contrary, the physical desires attract the person more effectively. The aim should be to become able to follow your inner soul instead of attending your materialistic desires.

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