How We Learn By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you know how we learn from our environment? Do you care to know? Or are you content in just believing what you are told is really happening without challenge?

How do we learn about ourselves in relation to our lives and the lives of others? Do we simply observe reality and determine its value? Is there a Sensory Hierarchy that we experience from our environment? Or do we simply perceive based on what we have previously perceived in relation to what we are perceiving now?

There are four ways that we ‘learn’ from our experiences in our environment. In the physical realm we learn from the collation of kinesthetic and tactile information. In the emotional realm we learn from auditory and visual information. In the mental realm we learn from

our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, imaginations, affirmations and visualizations. In the spiritual realm we learn from meditating, listening, sharing and empowering others. We observe our environments, perceive what our experiences mean to us and either react to (fight or flight) or proact from (evaluate and plan out) our experiences.

Following are the realms and their learning centers:


Kinesthetic – Musculation – feeling of movement, discomfort, pain and vibration in your body.

Tactile – Feeling of objects and chemicals in your environment.

Tactual – Touch – feeling of liquid or solid physical contact.

Gustation – Taste – feeling of liquid or solid chemical mixtures.

Olfaction – Smell – feeling of gaseous odors and fragrances.


Auditory – Hearing – feeling of mechanical sound waves.

Music – Sounds having rhythm, timbre, melody and harmony that awaken your emotions positively.

Voice – Sounds from words that have meaning to you and create thought processes that are compared to previously learned information.

Noise – Sounds not having rhythm, timbre, melody and harmony that create dissonant, discordant and negative feelings.

Language – Sounds that have meaning from words that you have learned to comprehend and understand.

Visual – Seeing – feeling of electromagnetic light


Movement – Observance of objects moving forward in time.

Color – The ability to distinguish different visual frequencies and feel their tones.


Learning – Listening, processing and memorizing information.

Thinking – Collating images, words and movements in concentration or contemplation.

Speaking – Uttering words from the images you see, sounds you hear and feelings you feel in your mind.

Imagining - Creating graphical pictures in your mind to represent observations.

Affirming – Creating feelings from words that assume the end result as if it has already happened.

Visualizing – See a picture of the end result of your innermost desires and feeling the joy from experiencing the images.


Meditating – Becoming still, silent and focused within your mind and heart by blocking out all external chaos and letting go of all thought.

Listening – Hearing what has been said and actively embracing the feelings generated by it.

Sharing – Giving what talents, skills and abilities you possess to help others discover theirs.

Empowering – Encouraging others with Divine love and experiencing it as a result. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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