Going With The Flow By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you going with the flow or are you forcing things to happen in your favor? What can you do to allow the best to come to you? Is it hard or is it simply getting out of your own way?

What does it mean to be prepared? Does it mean you just focus on what you are going to do and do the least possible to get ready for it? Or does it mean that you thoroughly prepare for every possibility or contingency? And after you prepare, what do you do next? An old saying might help in understanding the true meaning of being prepared. “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” The more you prepare yourself to receive opportunities, the more you become aware of the opportunities that are available that you haven’t seen before.

Why does this happen? Because in

the acts of observing studying and learning your mind opens up to more possibilities that you had perhaps not considered. The opportunities and possibilities were always present; it was you who became aware of them due to focusing your attention on the subject of focus. In other words, when you put the energy in through the desire to know more and diligently practice learning more, your awareness blossoms like a thousand petal lotus.

Inputting, impressing and imprinting information is the first part of the equation of learning. The second part is processing the learned information with your mind and heart. The third part is taking what you have learned and sharing it with others. If you are in a perpetual state of chaos your mind and heart will not retain as much as you would like due to your focus on your stresses. Regular daily meditation helps offset the stresses, distractions and annoyances that block your inner peace. With a clear mind and an open heart you can learn effectively and retain what you have learned.

An artist first masters the various brush strokes and color selections before painting a masterpiece. Years of diligent practice afford the artist the ability to replicate the rudiments in a ‘flow’ of Divine insight. A musician diligently practices their instrument to master the rudiments and replicates those movements in creating music that soothes the soul. The more you focus on the rudiments, the more you are preparing to replicate those rudiments in the ‘flow’ of divine co-creativity.

You can never over prepare for anything that your heart desires and your

mind focuses on because it is the seed of your Divine purpose. If art or music is what moves your soul then prepare by focusing on the rudiments and practicing their ‘automatic’ replication in order to move in a fluid manner in Divine flow. The saying needs to be updated to “Divine flow is when opportunity meets preparation.”

Luck is a construct for the operation of situational benefits occurring randomly in your life. Nothing is random and chaotic; it just appears that way. Divine order moves natural order when you allow it to operate on your behalf. It comes from letting go of the reins of ‘how’ things will happen and focusing on them happening through Divine expectation. Divine expectation is allowing the best to occur for all concerned and accepting the manifestation of occurrences as the result of Divine will.

Daily prayer, meditation and service prepare you for the fulfillment of your Divine purpose in Divine order: Praying through asking, visualizing and focusing your efforts toward the expectation of the fruits of your labors. Meditating to let go of your perceived control of how things will manifest. Going out into the world and serving others with your talents, skills and abilities to help them realize their innermost dreams. All of these practiced behaviors contribute to the fulfillment of your innermost dreams.

Hone your talents, skills and abilities by sharpening the saw every day. Focus on what it takes to be the best at what you do and do not ignore the needs, wants, desires and expectations of others unless it interferes with your individual growth and expansion. Be diligent and practice your craft. Prepare for every possibility and contingency. Expect the best and prepare for the results of all possibilities, whether they appear favorable to you or not. It is your life; allow the Divine to command it instead of your limited ego. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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