Is God Really Guiding Your Steps? By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you allowing the Divine to guide your steps? Or are you following the whims and yearnings of your ego and fooling yourself into believing that God is guiding your steps?

Do you believe that God is guiding your steps? Do you believe that God will reward you for ‘good’ behavior? Or that He will punish you for ‘bad’ behavior? Do you keep ‘petitioning’ God with prayer to make things happen the way you want them to instead of how they should be for your growth and expansion? Do you believe that God is on ‘the throne’ dispensing rewards for being meek and humble while inflicting punishment for the ‘sins’ of humankind? If you do, it’s about time for you to grow up.

Recent scientific studies have revealed that a baby in

the womb comes into an awareness of their own consciousness at about 6 months during gestation. Although they become aware of themselves as being in a warm and comfortable environment, the trauma of birth ’changes’ their perspective of warmth and security and most babies cry after they are removed from that warmth and security. The placenta actually filters the mother’s DNA to the baby AND vice versa! In other words, both the mother AND baby benefit from generational programming during gestation.

But when does a child become self-aware? When do they realize a sense of responsibility for their actions? Recent studies have shown that for most children it is around the age of five years old. They begin to see the differences between right and wrong and come to know that, in some way, they are responsible for their behaviors.

Soon after that age, most children begin their ‘formal’ education into the ways of society. Each and every day they are bombarded with systems of rewards and punishment; did they win the race in Phys Ed? Did they get an ‘A’ on the final exam? Did they make the ‘Honor Roll’? Some go to church and learn the warped emotional version of the Bible, Koran or whatever book of Literary Authoritarianism that their parents subject them to in order for them to perpetuate their children living in fear.

God is the greatest, most powerful and glorious ‘being’ in the omniverse and should be feared! But why are we all subjected to this onslaught of living in fear of being punished for aberrance and being rewarded for conformity? It is nothing more than ego games of control, domination and manipulation to ‘mold’ our behaviors into conforming to the status quo. It is NOT God!

Many religions know that God is LOVE! God is NOT a being on a throne dispensing reward and punishment yet they teach their constituents that ‘He’ is. They make God into a male figure that should be feared in order to make others conform to ‘His’ will. WTH??? If God is love, then why would ‘He’ do this? It is more like man has ‘attributed’ his characteristics to God in order to become middlepersons between God and humankind. They anthropomorphize the Divine in order to instill fear into believers instead of allowing Divine love to increase their ability to ‘know’ the truth.

Are you the only one who knows the right way? Are your conclusions to ‘how’ life is the be all and end all of truly ‘how’ it is? Do you pray for a specific outcome and get discouraged when it doesn’t manifest ‘your’ way? If so, you are NOT listening to Divine guidance. Praying is asking the Divine for favor or specific outcomes. Meditation is listening for Divine guidance. Service is following that guidance and manifesting it in your world.

Your Divine desires were planted in your heart for a purpose. When you expect them to happen you set them into motion into

the omniverse for them to be created. Some say that expectation is wrong; just let it all go and things will ‘happen’. Nothing is further from the truth. Expectation of desire is the battery of the omniverse. What IS wrong is giving from your heart and expecting others to return what you have given; this is more ‘expectant reciprocation’ than true ‘giving’. Also, expecting ‘how’ things will manifest in a certain way is ‘expectant manifestation’. It is telling the Divine that this is ‘how’ you want to receive your bounty. All of this is the ego driving the car and NOT allowing the Divine to guide your steps.

When you truly trust in the Divine you ‘listen’ to what guidance you receive and you make the steps necessary to act on Divine guidance. When you fight and resist what has been revealed is when you receive the perceptions of rewards and punishments. When you live in peace and allow things to unfold in Divine order your perceptions are tempered with Divine understanding and you continue to trust in a favorable outcome ‘without’ attempting to control ‘how’ things will manifest. In effect, you become a true co-creator with the Divine.

Solomon, one of the supposed wisest men in history stated, “The LORD directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?” (New Living Translation (©2007)) Yes, why? Because the ego NEEDS to be in control; even in some small way! We all have the innate desire to walk our steps and reward ourselves for the ingenuity in arriving at our perceived destinations. It is the ego that seeks recognition, NOT the Divine. It is the ego that seeks to control, dominate and manipulate everything to suit its whims, NOT the Divine. It is the ego that will do whatever it can to survive and be in command, NOT the Divine.

Truly allowing the Divine to guide your steps means that you don’t second guess every step along the way. It means that you allow the best to unfold for all without worrying about the outcome. Complete trust means that no matter what happens you are in peace with it. It means that just because it didn’t unfold the way you thought it should, that it will unfold the way it should in Divine order. It means that you turn over the steering wheel to the Divine and enjoy the ride. It means trusting; not doubting, worrying or living in fear.

When will we all grow up and decide to trust in the Divine? Will it be early in life or late in life? It all depends on when we realize that our consciousness knows what we need to do and that the only way we will be able to live in the true peace of Divine fulfillment is when we simply get out of our own way. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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