Getting Even? By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you spend your time in thinking up ways of getting even with those who have hurt you? Or do you allow it to be what it is and go about your way?

Why are some so preoccupied with getting even when they get hurt? What joy is there in doing to someone else what they did to you? If you did what they did first, then the other person would feel that they have to get even with you. The ego acknowledges its perceived ‘station’ in life by resisting and fighting back when it perceives it is being hurt. It rationalizes the only way to ‘make the other person pay’ is to respond with the very same behavior that caused the hurt in the first place.

Is this logical? Is it appropriate behavior?

It is for some because their view of themselves is less than the truth that they are divine beings. They feel they have to ‘acquire’ things, adorn themselves in a certain way and control others in order to feel ‘happy’. They will also protect themselves, their families AND their property with their very lives sometimes in order to feel justified in how they feel. This does NOT take anyone else into consideration but it reinforces their self-image enough to claim that they fought for their security.

Security in what? Being a warrior? What about having security in being a peacemaker, a teacher and a lover of humanity? The one thing that has driven civilized people for many years is that they want to see their children

and grandchildren do ‘better’ than they have! Not in getting even with some perceived hurt or injustice and resorting to resisting and fighting.

Be like the behavior of water. It allows the vehicle of emotions to create waves in it and it moves in synchronicity with what is projected; it also responds with what is reflected back to where the waves originated. Project Divine love in all you do and respond to the reflections of life with Divine love as well. Give to that which you perceive hurts you and its energy will be dissipated into oblivion. It’s when you resist what you perceive as being hurtful is when you create more hurt in your life. Allow it to pass through you and let it go the way of all things.

Until you allow that which you perceive is hurting you to pass through you without attaching any negative emotions to it, you will be caught up in the hamster wheel of getting even instead of letting go. Discharge that which doesn’t serve the growth and expansion of you and others. You are worth it! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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