Free Will? By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you have free will? Or do you believe that no matter what you do it will not change your individual ‘roll of the dice’?

Do we exercise ‘free will’ or do we simply follow a determined path to our ‘destiny’? At the lowest levels of the perceived dualistic reality it seems that movement comes from pre-determined patterns of expression that grow, expand and follow a course to a conclusion. These expressed patterns are not a strategy but a simple movement from one ‘state’ to another much the same as the zeros (off) and ones (on) of a digital bit. As these movements ‘graduate’ to the quantum level of expression they appear random and uncertain. When they pass from the realm of apparent ‘chaos’ into

the realm of apparent ‘order’, they move into the physical level of the ‘perception’ of order amid chaos.

The omniverse ‘appears’ to function according to the ‘laws’ of physics because that is the way pre-determined patterns unfold into natural order. Where does free will enter into this? Some scientists believe that there is no free will and that the omniverse is a giant clock that unfolds according to the laws of physics. In other words, what we do with what we have has no effect on the ‘grand scheme’ of things. We are simply pawns in a game of chess and we have no free will to alter the ‘strategy’ of the game. They akin the game to be more like checkers and not like chess. Movements can only exist from one position to the next according to omniversal laws. What they fail to see is that the unfolding of natural order arises from the expression of Divine order.

Divine order is ultimately affected by what choices we actively make. The true illusion is not that we haven’t the ability to choose, but that our choices actually matter. When we believe that we are living in a deterministic fashion we acclimate ourselves to playing the victim and make choices that are NOT responsible; after all, no matter what we choose to do we are just pawns in the game and our movements are ‘determined’ by forces beyond our apparent control. When we believe we have ‘free will’, we nurture our sense of wonder and know that we must make responsible choices in order to be ‘victorious’ or successful in our perception of life.

Our beliefs are actually what ‘determine’ our course of action toward unfolding our Divine purpose in Divine order. What ultimately brings our Divine purpose into complete fruition is ‘knowing’ that we understand that purpose and acting in a responsible fashion to bring it about. According to Einstein, the past, present and future exist concurrently and that it is our individual ‘perspective’ that perceives the dualistic illusion of them being separate as being real. If our past affects our present and our present affects our future, then it

follows that our future affects our present and our present affects our past.

In the realm of ‘belief’, time unfolds in one direction. In the realm of ‘knowing’, time unfolds in both directions. Knowing is allowing the future conclusion of your actions to affect what you do right now, as well as what you are doing right now is co-creating what you know will happen. Believing is allowing the present steps you are taking to affect what comes about as a result of those steps in the future. In some ways, our steps are pre-determined by the omniversal grid of natural growth and expansion but it is our perception and ‘belief’ in free will that ultimately activates our ability to ‘know’ where we are going.

When beliefs become rigid and unyielding, they are erroneous at best. When they bring you into a Divine state of ‘knowing’, they allow you to see beyond time and space into the realm of understanding the unfolding of your Divine purpose in Divine order. When you ‘know’ what to do you are taking a future conclusion and moving toward its actualization. Beliefs are repeated thoughts that you accept as true and are the starting point of an expanded awareness of the perceived dualistic reality as being the stage of expression and the illusion of reality.

Knowing is the inner peace of the presence of the Divine that enlightens your being to move toward your destiny. You are not ‘fated’ by the omniverse unless you give up making the choices that allow you to unfold your Divine purpose in Divine order. Fulfillment requires moving from peace into order, not peace into chaos. Use your belief in free will to supersede any belief in determinism. Graduate to knowing the Divine by making the time each and every day to experience the presence of Divine love within you right now.

Choose life, peace, understanding, joy and Divine love by choosing to live in health, wealth, prosperity and abundance. Move from being the victim of your own yearnings to the victor of your own Divine desires. It’s as simple as making responsible, sensible and effective choices that confirm what you already know deep within your heart. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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