Free To Be Me? By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you free to be whom and what you are? Do you repeatedly try to be something that you aren’t in order to please people who don’t care about you at all and only care for themselves? When will you realize that love is the greatest power in the omniverse?

What does the term ‘free to be me’ really mean? Does it mean that no one imposes and restrictions on our characters so we can express ourselves unrestrained and unfettered? Does it mean that our egos should have free reign over everyone and everything in our environments? Or does it simply mean that we have a spiritual innate knowing of freedom that allows us to align ourselves with our Divine purposes?

Freedom is a dynamic state of understanding that defines just what our boundaries are and when it is necessary to cross those self-imposed boundaries. We sometimes tease and joke with

our friends and step across the ‘line’ to have a little fun and feelings get hurt. But what feelings truly get hurt? Is it the ego and its sensitivities or is it your inner spirit?

The ego defends its own self-survival at all costs even against the freedom from living in the spirit because it wants and NEEDS to be in control to validate its own perceived existence. Shall we ignore the demands of our egos? Shall we feed them incessantly and pamper their existence? Or do we simply understand their needs and not challenge their demands too much?

The key is in always balancing the needs of the ego with the inner desires of the spirit. When we tip the scales too much in the ego’s direction we feed the beast with attention and it comes to

expect more and more attention. Put it in its place by acknowledging its existence while tempering its demands with spiritual guidance. Let it know that it ‘ain’t all that’ while giving it a sense that it has value. This way, it will not ‘fight’ or ‘resist’ you when you don’t need it to interfere with your progress.

When you choose to fight or resist ANYTHING, you are operating from your ego! The Spirit of God within you does not have to fight anything! It leads by love and love alone. Until you see that, feel that and live that you will be operating from your ego and will face one challenge after another until you assimilate that realization!

Being ONE in spirit is not killing your ego. It is dealing with it in a mature fashion that placates its existence. Remember, the ego is an extension from the Spirit of God in you to afford your being physical self-protection. It has a purpose, so use it wisely. Your choices as to which voice to obey (ego or spirit) will determine whether you are truly free to be you or not. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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