Feeling Worthy By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you feel worthy of having the best in life? Are you always looking for the best but never feeling that you deserve the best? Have you listened to what others believe is the truth instead of going within and learning your own truth?

When you settle for less than what you know you deserve you are sending a message to the omniverse that it’s OK with you. You are saying, “I never really trusted that I would receive what I desired so what I have received is OK with me.” In other words, you are accepting the fact that you are not worthy of receiving the best in life!

Embracing worthiness in yourself is knowing that you are One with the Divine and that you were created to be a perfect divine being and that anything less than Divine perfection is the will of

your ego and NOT God. It is accepting separation from perfection and being pious about it as if it is your duty to be humble and lacking. It is NOT!

Your duty is to be respectful to the Divine within and become what you were created to be! Anything else is distraction, unworthiness and sheer B.S.! Stop listening to the ‘holier than thous’ with their twisted philosophies and beliefs that God wants you to be poor, always humble and lacking in order to be spiritual. There is NOTHING further from the truth!

Worthiness comes from an inner respect for your values. Your values are derived from you accepted beliefs that have been validated by your experiences. If you have negative values that take away from life and you focus

on them occurring and reoccurring as ‘the way it is’, then it will surely be ‘the way it is’. Conversely, if you have positive values that add to life and you focus on them occurring and reoccurring as ‘the way it should be’, then they will surely be co-created by your sheer expressions and passion for them ‘to’ be!

In order to feel worthy you must learn to love yourself as you are and make the steps to become exactly whom and what you were created to be. This requires work, energy and focus on your part. Prayer for something without listening for what to do and without going out and doing it is useless. You must take what the divine has so graciously given you and make it happen by trusting in the Divine to guide you!

Be complete in your trust, faithing your desires and expecting the best to occur. It might not appear to be that way at times but appearances are mostly deceiving. Accept what happens but never settle for anything less than the best in your life. Peace. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

Article Written By SpiritualityGuide

Dean created the Spirituality Guidance Internet TV Channel to provide access to current Spiritual leaders online. He released his third book in 2011 entitled “Spiritual Growth: Articles Of Expectation”. Dean produces multimedia marketing and advertising campaigns, audio and video productions and is the webmaster for his company, banksnet.com.

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