Feeling The Future By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you know your own future? Do you believe that you can? Or do you go from day to day hoping that things will get better? It turns out that what you see and feel from your future actually moves you in the right direction to unfold it perfectly.

Can we feel the future? According to Quantum Mechanics a ‘particle’ can appear to occupy two separate spaces at the same time ‘until’ we ‘observe’ the ‘particle’. Does that mean that the particle only identifies with a certain space when our consciousness ‘recognizes’ it? Nothing in the omniverse is certain until someone observes it (Schrödinger). If consciousness determines existence then knowing the presence of the Divine Infinite Spirit determines ‘Cosmic Consciousness’.

Our sixth ‘mental’ sense aligns with the transference of data along magnetic fields and the deep absorption of the stillness and silence of the Divine Infinite Spirit of God (our

seventh spiritual sense) aligns the transference of Divine guidance deep within our beings to create an inner sense of ‘knowing’ the future. We are creatures who 'strive' our whole lives for certainty in an omniverse of uncertainty.

Our ‘consciousness’ is what determines our ‘perception’ of our existence and hold ‘copies’ of events, occurrences, situations, circumstances and the behavior of objects and others in our brains. These ‘copies’ are more real to us than the external reality because we make choices based on those ‘copies’.

Are the copies of reality in our brains true representations of our experiences? Or are they what is ‘convenient’ for our ego’s to deal with effectively? Repeated acceptance of the ‘perceived’ reality of these copies is what determines our belief systems, which ultimately ‘filter’ our individual realities. What we perceive is what we ‘copy’ and what copies we hold as true affect what we believe.

If we never question our beliefs we are living from the perceived copies in our brains of what we ‘believe’ is the truth. In order to ‘feel’ the future we must know that it is a result of our living from the truth in the now. Our futures can unfold in the way we hold true to the copies of reality that we believe by simply ‘letting go’ of their ‘reality’ and ‘knowing’ that they will be manifested.

Any doubt, worry or fear of events, occurrences, situations, circumstances and others’ behavior ultimately ‘change’ the unfolding of the experiences that are necessary to

co-create the future that we ‘feel’ will be manifested. By ‘letting go’ of our ‘perceived’ control of the unfolding of our futures we align ourselves with our Divine purposes unfolding in Divine order. We become what we are by allowing it to be.

Our futures are determined when our consciousness lets go and allows the Divine presence of Divine love to move through us and affect natural order to unfold in a way that is beneficial to ourselves AND others. When we ‘stop up the dam’ with our yearnings to control the flow of life we are in effect, getting in our own way. Being perfect is allowing Divine love to exude from our beings by living in the now. Living in the now is ‘knowing’ whom and what we are and why we even exist.

‘Being here now’ means allowing Divine love to flow through us unfettered by the ego; it means completely trusting in the Divine to unfold our Divine purposes in Divine order. Cleaning out the cobwebs of erroneous beliefs lodged in our brains affords us the consciousness of converting ‘possibilities’ into ‘probabilities’.

Our perceptions are dependent on how we observe, copy and believe them to be. It is up to us to validate whether or not they are true or erroneous because they insist that what they reveal is the truth. The truth is not subjective to anyone’s perception but is known deep within our individual spirit. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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