Eschatology? By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you believe in the end times? Are you so uninformed that you accept what some emotionally distraught preacher says is about to happen? Do you even care to investigate the facts before you parrot pure B.S.?

When confronted with the science of global warming or climate change some morons inevitably say, “These are the end times!” WTF? How the hell do you know that? Because some book that was spoken between people, written down by scribes and translated sans idioms says so? What about the agendas of the writers of these books? Are these the end times because your head is so firmly planted up your ass that you care not to see the truth? The only end that you see is the load of crap headed for your head!

I am not a fan of eschatology.

It is an egotistical assessment of naturally occurring events that have occurred over the course of the history of this planet. It sells books and movies and keeps people in fear. Live and let live and promote growth and expansion from the singularity projection of spirit into the dualistic reflection of perception.

Are your bags packed? Have you gotten your house in order? Do you need to bring cash, a change of clothes or your toothbrush? What am I referring to? The rapture, of course. The Christian myth that is repeatedly perpetrated by so-called Biblical scholars. There is reference to such an occurrence as an allegory in the Bible but not an actual occurrence. Yet, how many preachers over the past 500 years have predicted the end of the world?

Eschatology is pure crap. It is the hope of some believers that God will recognize them for their righteous and pious behavior and elevate them above the ‘evil’ doers. It does not accept the fact that the Spirit of God is within EVERYONE. It uses separation and division to justify self-righteousness. And why would God take rotted corpses out of the graves? It sounds like a bad Roger Corman movie about zombies. And what about those righteous who were cremated? Will the winds gather their ashes and reassemble them for their piety? Hardly.

There comes a time in any belief system where the believers need to GROW UP and stop telling others from their self-constructed pulpit of ignorance what God is going to do to you when you don’t fear and obey Him. Believers need to grow up from being a child in their belief systems and embrace the love of God as revealed to their inner spirit. The rite of passage is when you make the transition from self-righteousness into recognizing the presence of the Spirit of God within everyone and extending love to all. This way the world of the ego comes to an end and the acceptance of God’s love reigns supreme.

Those who feel we should do nothing to respect our planet because of a belief in a 'second coming' are forgetting about those who realize that they are full of B.S. Eschatology is a total and complete lie! It was set up by church doctrine to instill

fear and maintain control over the masses. We have been given the gift of this warm, beautiful planet and it is our responsibility to maintain it, love it and keep it clean. Those who choose to be lazy about this because of what some book says written over 2000 years ago are foolish indeed. I have one thing to say to them: Grow the f**k up!

Religious eschatology is a load of B.S. It keeps people believing in an end time of retribution for the evil doers and ongoing peace for the righteous. Misinterpretations of the word are the cause of such childishness and provide solace for 'believers' more than an accurate account of the 'end-times'. I will say it again: Eschatology is a load of CRAP!!! Some are waiting for the Revelation (which was a figurative story that has already been played out) and the Rapture which has no biblical basis in fact except in the Pauline Gospel. Think about it. Bones that have turned to dust reforming into bodies as they are extracted from the earth and heading up into the sky where Jesus is awaiting them? Please, grow up!

And again, eschatology is a load of horseshit perpetrated by fear mongers with an agenda of getting even with all of those whom they feel have wronged them! It's time for those who believe in an ‘end time’ to grow up and realize that we are a part of an ever expanding omniverse devoid of our interpretations based on erroneous beliefs. If you believe what is written on paper over what is written in your heart there is nothing anyone can do to convince you of that which transcends ANYTHING that man has said! Open your heart to the truth within and never doubt what Divine love reveals! Be ye therefore perfect!

And finally, I will say it again! Eschatology is a load of B.S. invented by religion to keep their constituents in line and fill up the church coffers! Trust in God only by discerning the words and intentions of humankind. Truth is not truth until it is continually validated as such. Be ye therefore attentive and discerning to the words of others and their intentions behind them. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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