Driving In The Nails By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you participating in the growth and expansion of life? Are you following your own divine plan or are you following the yearnings of your ego?

What does it take to express the values that you KNOW are life-giving? Does it take too much effort or do you just ‘feel’ that it will? What if you took a stand on these values and make the declaration that ‘the buck stops here’? And what does that mean? It is a metaphor for accepting the responsibility for what you will allow to exist in your life. If something exists outside of what you ‘value’ and it ultimately hurts you or others, it is incumbent upon you to call it for what it is; aberrance, evil or acrimony. If

you ‘pass the buck’, you are shifting the responsibility or blame to another person. It reveals exactly just what you value AND how real those values are to you.

If you had something that could help you express what you value would you use that as a tool to create the fulfillment of those values? A carpenter uses a hammer to fulfill the plans laid out for them. The nails hold the wooden frames together but it takes the ‘force’ of them swinging the hammer to drive the nails into place. It takes action in a direction to ‘join’ pieces of wood in such a way in order to reveal the end result that the carpenter ‘sees’ in their mind.

The designer or architect creates from the top down; in other words, sees the final picture and creates a model of what it will look like. The model is a representation of the final product and is used to ‘guide’ the architect in creating the plans that the carpenter follows. The carpenter creates from the bottom up by following the plans and constructing the parts and raw materials into the ‘vision’ of the architect.

It is much the same for us in constructing our lives. The Divine has designed our lives by ‘seeding’ us with our Divine purposes. Are we following the divine plans or are we allowing our egos to second guess the divine plan for our lives? When the structure or results of implementing our plans reveals walls that are not level

or plumb, it reveals that we went ‘off of the plan’ and second guessed the divine plan.

When we hear of atrocities in the world, due we ‘ring the bell’ and let others know? Or do we retreat into our ‘comfort zones’ or inner sanctums and acclimate ourselves to the ‘perceived’ fact that there is nothing we can do about it? Is fighting or warring the only answer? Or is seeking peace through constructive dialogue more apropos to effecting peace?

Is there a song of peace in your heart or a song of war? Are you declaring with your words, actions and behaviors something other than what you are thinking, feeling or believing? Are your ‘walls’ level and ‘plumb’ or are they off kilter? It is up to us to align ourselves with Divine order; not the other way around. It is we who ‘go against the grain’ and create problems and perceptions of struggle in order to justify our egos being in command. If we are not ‘hammering out justice’, ‘ringing the bell of freedom’ or ‘singing the song of peace and love’ among all of our brothers and sisters than we are NOT fulfilling our Divine purposes in Divine order.

We can only align ourselves with the truth when we allow the peace, understanding, joy and Divine love to guide us into complete alignment with our Divine purposes in Divine order. All else are games that our ego plays to control our lives and fulfill its selfish agenda. Focus on that which brings out those divine values and edifies all. Create a ‘structure’ in your life that follows the divine plans. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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