The Dream Of True Freedom By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you aware that freedom is a state that comes from living in liberty? Do you know what others have had to do to create changes in order to live in freedom?

Every time I watch Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech I am taken by his mastery of metaphors and the tears come streaming down my face. When I was 9 years old is when I first saw the speech and was awe struck. I had no idea what he was talking about and my mother explained it to me. I asked her “Why do they treat Negro people this way? What did they do to be treated this way?” She said that they just wanted the same rights and privileges that anyone in this country should have.

It made

me remember when I was four and I noticed that the one black child in my school in Vermont was playing alone. None of the white kids were playing with him and I went over to play with him. After that, the white kids wouldn’t speak to me anymore and I told my mother about this when I got home. She looked at me and said, “Is he your friend?” I said yes and she said, “Then don’t let anyone ever tell you who your friends are.” Soon after my parents became friends with my friend’s parents and their other white friends wouldn’t speak to my parents anymore.

My parents were immigrants from Scotland and Italy and they knew exactly what prejudice and hatred can bring about. As I wiped my eyes I came

to realize that much has changed on the outside in 50 years but hardly much on the inside. Every generation must be reminded of the scourge of prejudice, the evil of the Holocaust and the ever-pervasive ego centered agenda of genocide. We need to remind our children, our grandchildren and great grandchildren of the lessons we all have learned so that they won’t have to be repeated. We all need to focus on the words that set us all free. Please go to the following link and read the “I Have A Dream” speech in its entirety: It is electrifying, demonstrative and inspiring. It is the words of what freedom truly means!

Read the words of a man who lived it, lived in it and lived to bring us all together. God bless all of you and may you, your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren always carry the message that says, “Free at last, free at last, Great God Almighty, We are free at last!” ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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Dean created the Spirituality Guidance Internet TV Channel to provide access to current Spiritual leaders online. He released his third book in 2011 entitled “Spiritual Growth: Articles Of Expectation”. Dean produces multimedia marketing and advertising campaigns, audio and video productions and is the webmaster for his company,

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