Do You Only Identify With Your Ego? By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you what you just what you believe you are? Or are you more than your observations, perceptions and beliefs?

What is the identity of the ego? Is it what makes us perceive that we are separate from all else? Or is it what makes us APPEAR separate from the Spirit of God? When you live from the Spirit of God you care about everyone else AND yourself! When you live from the ego you only care for yourself. Even though the ego's job is self-survival at all costs, it will accomplish its perceived purpose at the expense of others to ensure its own safety.

Our perception of our egos cannot be who and what they are and be compatible with

our perception of the presence of God even though there is nothing ‘outside’ of the presence of God. It is in the perception of the separateness of the ego that it cannot 'survive' or at least be compatible with the presence of God. Everything is in the presence of God including ego. It is in how we perceive it that we create separation. It is ‘our’ creation of being separate because it is inherent in how we perceive reality.

Everything that we perceive is a copy of reality and NOT reality! It is in how we sense, process and feel the reflections of reality that ultimately affect how we perceive it. What appears to exist outside of us is inextricably tied to us; we are a part of the whole as the whole, in its entirety, is within

us. Perception divides this reality into a dynamic state of dualism that we ultimately believe is reality.

The ego is an observational ‘construct’ of biological, emotional and reactive responses to existing within our environments. It does NOT exist as a separate entity. It exists as a way of explaining our reactive expressions within our environment. There IS nothing that exists ‘outside’ of spirit; everything that exists IS projected from spirit on the stage of dualistic expression reflecting differences in potential that we perceive as being separate, when in fact it is one with everything.

We observe the dualistic reality of polar opposite extremes and shades of grey in between. Our brains create electro-chemical copies of these observances AFTER they are filtered through our ‘fight or flight’ pre-programmed beliefs housed in our reptilian brains. These copies are our perceptions of reality and NOT reality itself. In essence, we skew everything we perceive based on whether it is favorable to us or not.

Don’t be fooled by your perceptions. Understand that they are here for us to grow and expand by faith into completely trusting in the Divine, despite what our perceptions reveal to us as being true. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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