Divine Providence By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are we living in Divine Providence? Or are here on this planet by a lucky roll of the dice?

Did you know that 97% of the water on and in the earth is contained in the oceans of the earth? Did you know that 88% to 92% of our bodies are comprised of water? Water is the medium through which physical life is conceived and developed. If the earth was once a ball of congealed dust and rock that accreted from chunks of our hot sun, then how did we get water on the earth? The prominent theory is that it came from asteroids containing water in the form of ice frozen beneath their rocky exteriors. In the period

of the early earth, the earth was repeatedly bombarded by thousands of asteroids bringing not only water to the earth, but the necessary soup of the chemicals of life that combined in the water that melted from the asteroids. It would have had to be many asteroids to fill two-thirds of the earth’s surface with water. Asteroids brought physical life to this planet along with the medium for it to grow and expand. But, as with many things in life, it has a dark side as well.

Asteroids brought destruction as well. There is strata evidence that suggests that a layer of iridium with a layer of soot came after the earth was hit by an asteroid that killed all of the dinosaurs. Could human life have flourished with the presence of dinosaurs? Probably not. Was that divine providence or a sheer cosmic roll of the dice? Just as humankind learned how to harness and master the wind of the firmament of air that extends to a level of 75 miles from the surface; with the densest layer only 7 miles up. We have sewn sails and forged wind mills to harness the mechanical energy of the wind despite the dust in the atmosphere bombarding our protective layer of skin.

We have designed space suits weighing 110 lbs. on the earth to protect astronauts from tiny asteroids (meteorites) and space dust from penetrating the space suit

and stopping the life of the astronaut. Asteroids are the catalysts of life and death on our planet and in the entire omniverse. They are the bringers of life and death. What are they? They are the left over pieces from the formation of our solar system that moved from utter chaos to some sense of order. The orbits of the planets in their gravity wells were all affected by asteroids that continually bombarded the planets. In a sense, they are like the perennial gadfly that never gives the horse a moment of peace. The horse continually swats the fly with its tail to alleviate the annoyance of being bitten. Just as Socrates analogized being the gadfly of society by continually answering questions with questions to stimulate thought, we can come to a knowing of life simply by observing, asking, listening and following through.

We do this by accepting things as they are, seeing how they can be and moving in a direction that benefits all. Chaos contributes to life and it brings about death so new life can flourish. It has been this way for millennia and it will continue this way ad infinitum. Will you bring chaos or order into your life? Will you be the gadfly that won’t accept things as they are in order to take a bite out of life? Will you dodge the tail of the horse in order to feed on that which sustains your life? Or will you come to a knowing that life comes from chaos, moves toward order only to be changed by chaos again?

Observe things as they are in order to move efficiently in your life. As chaos becomes apparent, maintain the order of the spirit within and be the perfect spiritual being that you are. You are the order that comes from chaos. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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