Desire Is Not Bad! By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are your desires keeping you from a spiritual life? Or is it the self-serving yearnings of your ego that are distracting you from fulfilling your Divine purpose in Divine order?

Anyone who tells you that desires are bad is operating from a dualistic mindset; whether they realize it or not. Nothing in this vast omniverse would ever materialize without the implementation of desire. Desire means ‘of the Father’ from the Latin.

Yet, one ‘teacher’ and many parrots, one after another proclaim, “Remove desire to achieve Oneness with God.” Yes, that is true, but what do you do with that Oneness? Do you stay there in your inner sanctum and take up space waiting for things to plop in your lap? Or do you get off of your ever widening rear end

and do something about what blessings that God has bestowed on you?

Nothing in this omniverse gets accomplished without desire. Oneness requires an input stage and an output stage. It is praying, meditating and committing service to others. Divine desires guide you to actualize your individual Divine purpose in Divine order. Ego ‘desires’ are yearnings that drive you to maintain self-survival at all costs and satisfy your every whim.

Both desires and yearnings are a Divine and Ego protection mechanism to maintain balance along the bridge between duality and Oneness. To shut off one completely in favor of another is utter foolishness.

Why? Because your ego fools itself into thinking that being spiritual requires self-sacrifice in order to align itself with God. Alignment with God is a

natural and meaningful experience that doesn’t require anything except an awareness of being here now. Believing that you are a ‘sinner’ and that you are naturally evil is a complete and utter LIE! You are a child of the Most High and you were created in perfection by perfection!

Understanding how the omniverse works will afford you the examples of creativity that arise from focused desire. Believing that your ego knows what is best for you and its yearnings for self-satisfaction are more important than anything lead you down a path of self-destruction.

Follow your Divine desires that you KNOW are real in your heart MORE than the ego’s yearnings that it believes it needs to be satisfied. In this way you are aligning yourself with your greater good and allowing your inner well-being to bless you continually.

Recognize the grandeur and processes of duality and embrace the Oneness with spirit. Both require desire and yearnings to be balanced in order for your Divine purpose to be actualized. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

Article Written By SpiritualityGuide

Dean created the Spirituality Guidance Internet TV Channel to provide access to current Spiritual leaders online. He released his third book in 2011 entitled “Spiritual Growth: Articles Of Expectation”. Dean produces multimedia marketing and advertising campaigns, audio and video productions and is the webmaster for his company,

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