Compromising The Word By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Do you feel that in learning more about the ‘word’ of God that you are compromising exactly what it is? Or are you only compromising what you ‘believe’ it is?

Recently I received a message from a good evangelical friend of mine who is struggling with ‘the word’ as it is in the Bible currently. I have explained to him time and again how I had the same struggle and that’s why I went to seminary school. I HAD to learn to truth. What I encountered was professors who challenged me and never told me what to think; they taught me how to think on my own. My friend accused me that “Your love for the word was supplanted by the doctrine of men. You were deceived by people in

authority just like the experiment you posted about Stanley Milgram. You are doing the will of some ass**** professor who taught you not to trust the scriptures. Take your New Age Pavlovian balderdash and blow it out you’re a**. I’m done compromising the word.”

Now, who is compromising the word? When you read and believe a book that has been translated from the original Aramaic into Koine Greek into Latin and then into English with absolutely NO consideration for the cultural and geographic idioms of the time, then who is being fooled? Not to mention the agenda manifestation of Constantine and his priests. That’s why I learned how to translate what was originally there so that I could TRULY know! I wasn’t going to accept the interpretation of some ass**** preacher with an agenda who

was tapping the choir girls and boys. I wanted the truth and my professors taught me HOW to ferret it out!

When you blindly believe what someone else says without the proof to back it up, then you are indeed a fool! My friend has gotten so negative towards his family and friends because of his ‘issues’ that he cannot even see that his behavior in itself is compromising ‘the word’ that he so admittedly reveres. Don’t compromise the truth by ‘believing’ ANYTHING!!! Read what is there in the holy books but don’t make what it says your final authority. Allow the Spirit of God within you to be the final authority on what is true or not.

If you truly live in ‘the word’ you follow what it really says and not what some preacher tells you it says. As Yeshua once said; “And they revere me in vain while they teach the doctrines of the commandments of man“ ~Matthew 15:9 (Aramaic Bible in Plain English). Trust, don’t believe. Allow, don’t resist. Love, and stop being negative. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel

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