Clean Out Your Filters By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are your thoughts contradictory? Do you feel confused and frustrated? Do you wake up each and every day and feel that there is more to your life than you are living?

When you believe that something will or will not happen for you something happens to your outlook. Your awareness changes in regard to the level of belief that you maintain as to whether something will happen or not. Beliefs are your filters of reality that personalize what you experience and create resistance or allowance to what you feel might or might not happen.

Feelings are based on what is reflected back to you in your world whereas inner knowing comes from centering your being in Divine love. The wellspring of Divine love is forever projecting through your heart and it is

your feelings that either resist or allow Divine love to manifest perfection in your life.

What is perfection? It is the unfolding of your Divine purpose in Divine order through the projection of Divine love into everyone whom you encounter. If others resist or allow your projection of Divine love it will reflect back to you filtered by their belief system; just as others’ projection of Divine love will reflect back to them filtered by your belief system.

Beliefs are the tools by which we motivate ourselves toward accomplishing our goals and desires. Knowing the inner expression of Divine love is being the perfection of whom and what you are unfettered by misguided and erroneous beliefs. If

your beliefs are contradictory to your desires, you will not accomplish what your inner hearts ‘feels’ that you must in order to be fulfilled. If your beliefs are contradictory to the sharing of Divine love, then you will encounter frustration and lack of fulfillment until you learn to share Divine love.

The key is to balance what you believe with what you know. This happens when you align what you believe with what you inherently desire. This alignment creates a channel of understanding that allows Divine knowingness to flow through you unfettered by erroneous beliefs. As you progress toward unfolding your Divine purpose in Divine order, your beliefs give way to the understanding of Divine knowingness and you learn how to unfold your Divine purpose completely in Divine order.

Discharge what you believe in favor of what you know and you will be divinely guided to actualizing and fulfilling your Divine purpose in Divine order. Anything else is succumbing to distractions that cause beliefs to react instead of ‘knowing’ to proact. Be ye therefore perfect by knowing more than believing! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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