Changing Your Life By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you trying to change your life? Or are you just rearranging things around you to give you the perception that you are changing? What does it take to really change your life?

How many times have you tried to change your life? I’m sure you have tried many times and have either made some significant changes or found it too hard to continue the process. Is there a way that you can change what doesn’t work for you and replace it with what does work?

We cannot basically change who we are inside, but we can actualize our potential to be the best we can be by understanding what we need to do to make positive change. We are a product of our chemistry, environment, beliefs and behaviors.

Our internal chemistry remains basically the

same and can be altered by drugs, alcohol, sickness or age. Our environment changes dependent on our choices of interactions in our external world. Our beliefs (internal) and behaviors (external) are the only things that we can emotionally change by acknowledging them, reprogramming them or discarding them.

We spend most of our lives rearranging events, occurrences, situations, circumstances, and people in an attempt to change our outcomes. Rearranging is NOT changing. Changing in a positive manner means replacing something that doesn’t work with something that does work to produce your desired results! Not rearranging the players or the playing field to affect the outcome.

Changing what beliefs that guide us and the behaviors that don’t produce our desired outcomes are the only ways to

make serious change. We always need to root out any erroneous beliefs and aberrant behaviors that don’t serve our growth and expansion into becoming the successful actualized individuals we were created to be.

The more time we spend on bettering ourselves, the better it becomes for everyone. Why not regularly inventory our talents, skills and abilities and make an honest assessment of the value we can bring to the table? We need to make the time to share our assets with others and help them realize their goals and dreams!

When we participate in the growth and expansion of others we are bettering whom and what we are. We are extending our gifts to others and contributing to the health, wealth, prosperity and abundance of our communities, families and friends. We edify our lives and the lives of others by making the changes necessary to remove erroneous beliefs, learn more about our inner purposes and by contributing to everyone with positive, uplifting and beneficial experiences. Change what doesn’t work and replace it with what does work!  ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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