Bridging The Gap? By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you always in crisis management? Are you not anticipating what possibly could be happening and only reacting to it when it does happen? Proacting allows you to make a plan about how you will act when circumstances arise. Are you making plans or are you just winging it?

Have you ever bridged the gap between what you are thinking, feeling and manifesting? Is it just in a crisis situation that you do or do you practice ‘bridging’ that gap every day? In reality, there is no gap between these experiences; it is a perpetual and ongoing connection that just ‘seems’ to be a gap at times when we identify with the separation of the perceived dualistic reality. The more we focus on separation, the more we become accustomed to operating within its parameters.

The ego thrives on separation in order to validate its own existence. Remember, the ego’s main

job is your self-survival at all costs. For example, you are driving down the road and a car darts out from a side road right in front of you. What do you do? You react! You instantaneously move the wheel of your car to go around the car in front of you. Hopefully, there wasn’t somebody else in the next lane over. A crisis infuses the connection between thinking, feeling and manifesting in a split second.

However, non-critical experiences in our lives are more subtle and we sometimes don’t bridge this perceived ‘gap’ because we become distracted from focusing on the actual connection we have between thinking, feeling and manifesting. The process of creation is first thinking about something, adding feeling to what it is we are thinking about and then actually bringing it to fruition. If we are thinking about something and we are harboring negative feelings about it, the process has started in creating the outcome of those negative feelings. It is up to us at this point to treat those feelings as the car that darts

out in front of us. We need to react to them and get out of their way first; then proact from them by co-creating positive feelings of joy by projecting the manifestation into the perceived dualistic reality.

Our feelings are our internal barometer to awaken us to what mindset and heartset we need to choose in order to manifest our deepest desires. We move in that direction by ‘expecting’ positive results without controlling, dominating or manipulating ‘how’ they will manifest. When we begin to see the positive manifestations blossoming in our lives we move into the realm of simply ‘allowing’ them to happen. Just as we automatically sway away from the car we are attuned to the fact that harboring negativity creates more negativity; and switching the channel instantaneously to positivity redirects that emotional energy to create positivity.

We are in control by learning that we are not in control. As a novice in Spirituality we program ourselves for positive results through consistent expectation of our innermost desires. As we grow in our Spirituality we learn to bring them to fruition by accepting our worthiness and allowing them to manifest in our lives. Before any behavior becomes automatic it requires consistent and diligent practice. Spending at least an hour a day in prayer, meditation and service of others keeps us focused on positive results; no matter what car darts out in front of us! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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