Attraction Or Allowance? By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you attracting things to you every moment or are you allowing them to be what they are without attaching any emotional ‘baggage’ to them? Do you feel that if you don’t ‘do something’ that things will spin out of control in your life? Are you living in fear of losing control as a result of what you are not allowing?

I have always followed the Law of Allowance more than the Law of Attraction. Yes, we do attract and repel 'things' in our environment only when we emotionalize them. By allowing 'things' to pass through us, we are not attaching emotional beliefs and yearnings to an outcome. We exist in a soup of energy that reacts to our emotionalized thoughts. I agree with the fact that just because we think about something that it doesn't create it. The statement of 'whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting' is true. You are 'attracting' similar thoughts and repeated thoughts

that make beliefs that create programmed emotional responses to stimuli.

When erroneous beliefs and negative thoughts are allowed to pass through you they are not 'energized' with emotions. Reality is the result of our perceiving the motions and movements of energy through us, around us and from us. To deny that is not looking at reality; it is theorizing constructs and concepts to prove a point on one's own belief system. The same way the Law of Attraction does not set with some of us as 'the way it is', I have come to know it as an intellectual mind game geared, marketed and promoted to sell books and movies and lead the masses astray.

Intense study and deep meditation reveals that The Law of Allowance is more powerful because it creates reality by the simple concept of

'non-attachment' to a specific outcome and non-attachment to how your Divine desires will unfold. The Law of Attraction doesn't truly 'work' without an intense emotional desire and expectation. It is OK to desire and expect and outcome, but to be attached to 'how' it arrives is where the problems reside.

The Law of Attraction is always countered by the Law of Repulsion. If you do not feel ‘worthy’ of receiving the desires you expect to happen you will drive them away as they approach manifestation. Breaking up the dam that interrupts the flow of the living waters of Divine expression is the principle of 'getting out of your own way' and knowing that you are a Divine child of the Most High God and a perfect creation that is worthy of receiving the bounty of the omniverse.

Divine guidance is the key to allowing the best to unfold in each and every moment. Minimizing the ego’s control in favor of Divine ‘control’ affords us the ability to ‘foresee’ the results of certain ‘pathways’ to fruition. Knowing when to 'zig' and when to 'zag' comes from allowing the flow of Divine love through you. Be ye therefore perfect. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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