Abusers By Dean A. Banks, D.d.

Are you abusing yourself and others? Do you believe that what you believe is correct and what others believe falls short of the truth? Do you go out of your way to prove others wrong at the expense of their integrity and purpose? Is your ego so out of control that it only looks to itself for all of the answers?

I am a firm believer that animal abuse is a pre-cursor to human abuse. Abusers experiment with their sadism on animals until it no longer fulfills them. The natural progression is to move up the food chain. Anyone who hurts a living and breathing being needs help and punishment. They need adequate consequences for their actions. If not, their egos will continue to control, dominate and manipulate other beings to fulfill their twisted fantasies. Ultimately, it is their egos seeking recognition for their perceived power over life and death. It is sheer foolishness that needs to be addressed with a

comprehensive program of treatment AND punishment.

The ego’s perceptions of the consequences must be sufficient in order to stifle aberrant action long enough for them to receive the proper treatment of the ‘learned behaviors’ that have caused this aberrance. Some might say that the only exception is sociopathy; however, since it is a just a more intense combination of internal chemistry and external triggers it is ‘treatable’ as well. No human being is ‘beyond hope’.

Giving up on the proper and effective treatment of aberrance comes from NOT finding the proper course of treatment that works. Too many throw their hands up in the air because they don’t believe that treatment is effective. Remember, the engrams that were imprinted to reflect these behaviors are programmable. De-programming and re-programming is necessary in order to effect change. Just because we haven’t discovered what ‘works’ doesn’t mean that

we never will. It simply means that we haven’t found the solution to changing aberrance effectively.

Expressing aberrance comes from an internal acceptance of the ego’s powers of control, domination and manipulation. It believes that it is solely responsible for the protection of itself and continually arranges circumstances to reflect that as being the truth. However, it is NOT the truth because the ego is NOT all-seeing. It only sees what it believes is either harming it or helping it. It defends, fights and resists that which it determines is the cause of its problems. It cannot see beyond itself because it wants to be in charge.

It is very difficult for it to trust anything, even the Divine. It will go out of its way to choose, use and abuse what it believes is blocking its way from self-recognition. Always pointing to itself for your good, it will deceive you into believing it is right; even over the guidance of the Spirit of God. As long as your ego occupies center stage in your life, you will make choices that interfere with you growth, expansion and success in fulfilling your Divine purpose in Divine order. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D. (Spirituality Guidance Channel)

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